What we strive to do for the Indian chemical trading industry

BIDCHEMZ.COM is a Revolutionary Online B2B Meeting Place for Rubbers, Plastics and PetroChemicals Raw materials that offers an online platform for buyers and sellers to discover current Market Prices and help them to buy and sell with confidence.

Most often sellers and buyers may not get the right price or are not sure of the right prices when they need the most. On top of that, they are stuck with the same set of vendors and clientele they have been working with for years together. BIDCHEMZ.COM is a platform that provides means to discover the current market price,add more vendors and clients and expand their horizons.

BIDCHEMZ.COM helps Buyers/Sellers of such Commodity Chemicals to discover new sources and discover Prevailing Prices in real-time, Anytime, Everytime.

BIDCHEMZ.COM helps both the sellers and buyers listed in the platform through a GST compliant process can view, bid, and source their product at the prevailing market determined price in real-time. This will save a lot of precious time at the user's end which would otherwise be wasted on prospecting and validating.

Global Chemical Market


Registered Chemicals


Production (Global)

2.3 Bn MT

Indian Chemical Market


(2025 proj.)
Global Position (India)


Production (India)

31 Mn MT

Why register with BIDCHEMZ.COM

BIDCHEMZ.COM provides a wider choice to the buyers who can now submit their requirements, check the availability of the product from genuine suppliers and then shortlist and bid to multiple vendors in a streamlined manner particularly for Rubbers, Plastics, Petrochemicals and other Raw Materials in the Industrial Supply Chain in the B2B space through the bidding process.

Also during challenging times such as recession, pandemic, or war, there are major supply-chain disruptions causing losses to both buyers and sellers due to the negative impact it causes on the market. In these trying times, buyers have to knock on multiple channels to get their factories running.

BIDCHEMZ.COM the Online B2B Platform for Commodity and Industrial Chemicals could help in increasing the Reach of your Market and Sourcing beyond your traditional Players even during uncertain times like any global calamities or pandemics challenging your operations as your Supply Chain can remain intact at all times as you get a wider choice of Players. This makes an organization more competitive and Resilient at all times.

BIDCHEMZ.COM provides to you only those players who are currently available in real-time; and works 24x7. Thus, BIDCHEMZ.COM helps in keeping your operations running at all times

Listing your product on BIDCHEMZ.COM may also help in increasing your Capacity Utilization by helping convert dead inventory into Sales by moving their excess inventory with the help of the platform and unlocking precious Working Capital thereby reducing the cost of inventory and simultaneously freeing the storage space regularly at the Sellers End

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